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Inventory Funding for eCommerce Sellers

How Does CapEc

Empower Your Growth?

At CapEc, we do more than just provide external capital; we enable eCommerce sellers worldwide to unleash their potential and scale their business, effectively and efficiently.

Our unique funding model is designed to optimize your cash flow. We provide funding for your inventory purchases, paying your suppliers directly and precisely when it's most beneficial for you.


This creates a grace period during which you can focus on growing your business without worrying about immediate repayments. Only when your inventory reaches your chosen Amazon FBA or 3PL warehouse do your repayments begin, synchronizing your cash flow with your sales cycle.

Quality assurance is integral to our process. We require post-production inspections, ensuring the quality of goods and reinforcing your confidence in your suppliers.

As part of our end-to-end service, we also provide impartial price offers on supply chain providers for each of your shipment consignments, ensuring you get the best deal that fits your business needs.

Join CapEc and experience an inventory financing solution that is in tune with your eCommerce rhythm, designed to optimize your cash flow, and primed to propel your growth.

01 | We Attend to eCommerce Sellers with:

  • Over 8 months of sales activity on Amazon, Shopify, Walmart or eBay

  • At least $100K annual revenue (in all relevant shops)

  • Repurchasing Existing ASIN/SKU

02 | We Provide:

  • The ability to spread payments over 12 months.

  • Assurance that all supply chain payments are carried out on time.

  • Inspection services of supplier & postproduction.

  • Ad-hoc service proposals from pre-approved supply chain providers.

  • Ongoing improvement of supply chain management.

03 | We Require:

  • "View only access" to your eCommerce activity to evaluate your request.

  • A description & link to the products you wish to purchase.

  • The expected supply chain payment timetable.

Website Hero Image August 22 2023 (4000 × 1200 px) (2).png

How It Works


Share your business and funding needs with CapEc.


Our team will

carefully analyze your requirements and tailor a unique solution to meet your specific needs.


Review the customized offer provided by Capec. We will outline the proposed terms and conditions based on our assessment.


Once you are satisfied, you can sign the agreement to proceed.


CapEc will request supply chain documents, such as invoices and bills of lading, to proceed with advancing the payments as agreed.


By carefully reviewing and verifying these documents, we minimize the risk of errors, ensuring that you receive the shipment exactly as expected.


CapEc will seamlessly integrate with your regular workflow, handling payments to your suppliers on your behalf.

Repayments will be spread over the expected sales period, providing you with improved cash flow and financial flexibility.

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