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What types of e-commerce sellers do you work with? 

We typically work with private label sellers on Amazon, Shopify, Walmart, eBay, and more!  

We treat wholesale requests on a case-by-case basis, so it is still beneficial for us to look at your store.  

What is the process for applying for funding? 

Our process is simple!  

1. Complete our online application

2. Connect to your online store 

3. We then present a tailor-made offer

What kind of documentation is required to apply for funding? 

Typically, we only require view permissions to your online store so we can view and analyze the sales history, advertising spend, and profits to make sure our solution will help you scale your business and not put you in a financial hole.  


In some cases, we may need additional information to prove brand ownership or authorization to sell the product.  

What kind of documentation is required to apply after an agreement is signed, and before funds are released? 

Before releasing funds to your manufacturer, we require the following documents: 

Post-production inspection report of the funded inventory. 

Manufactures invoice which should include: 

  1. The remaining balance that CapEc Inc. will pay. 

  2. CapEc Inc. is listed as a “Buyers Agent” next to your company name. 

  3. The manufactures bank details or Payoneer account for transferring funds. 

  4. Proforma invoice of the shipping which should include: 

  5. Shipment insurance information. 

  6. CapEc Inc. is listed as a co-signer on the shipment. 

  7. The full address of the destination. 

What kind of documentation is required after funds are released to the manufacturer? 

After paying the invoice on your behalf, we require the following documentation: 

  1. Shipping invoice 

  2. Bill of lading 

How long does it take to receive funding once the application is approved? 

We can fund in as little as 48 hours for private label sellers. 

NOTE: Wholesale sellers’ applications may require an additional 48 hours to fund.  

How much funding can I receive? 

We fund up to 75% of your purchase order, including shipping and inspection fees.  

What is the interest rate on the funding? 

We do not charge any interest on our funding.  


We charge a flat fee that is spread out equally over your repayment schedule.

What are the repayment terms? 

Our terms are structured for short-term loans, typically 3-9 months.  

We are funding your next purchase order and structure our terms in a way that has you fully paid prior to placing your next inventory order.  


If you are sourcing products from overseas, we give a leeway period of 45 days to allow the products to be inspected, shipped, through customs, delivered, and listed to sell before you are required to start paying us back.  

What happens if I can't repay the funding on time? 

The only collateral we take is the inventory that we are funding.


We want you to scale and grow your business so our expertise along with analyzing your sales history allows us to determine a repayment plan that allows you to pay us back while profiting.


If you cannot repay on time, we will first look at your store and see if we can be of any guidance.  

If needed, we will extend your terms.

If necessary, we take control of the funded inventory to sell and recoup our funding.  

Do you require a personal guarantee? 

We do not require any personal or business guarantees. 

Can I use the funding for any purpose or are there restrictions? 

Currently, we only offer inventory funding. 

We fund directly to the manufacturer. CapEc requires to be the last and final payment to the final balance of your purchase order. 

What is your policy on early repayment? 

If sales are booming and you would like to make repayment to CapEc early, you save on fees which will be pro-rated to the months remaining.  

Do you offer any other services besides inventory funding? 

We have partnered with a few key companies in the e-commerce industry.


Let us know what additional needs you may have, and we can introduce you to a partner that has a solution for you.  

How does your funding compare to other inventory funding companies? 

We were founded by Amazon sellers who understand the industry, and the importance of scaling your business.

We tailor our offers to meet your expectations and demands. 

We take a thorough look at your online store and can consult on various things that we might notice you can use some help in.  

How do you determine the amount of funding I am eligible for? 

Our underwriting process looks at the strength of your store.  


We factor in sales history, ad spend, revenue, manufacturing costs, profitability, and the ability to repay to determine the amount of funding you can receive.  

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