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About CapEc

CapEc was born from the desire to democratize access to working capital for eCommerce sellers globally—whether you're on Amazon, Shopify, or any other platform.

Our Three Pillars:

Quick Capital, No Hassle 

By analyzing your sales data from your seller account, be it Amazon Seller Central or Shopify, we offer speedy capital solutions. You sell, we support. It's that simple.

A Partnership You Can Trust

We're not just a funding source; we're a growth partner. With CapEc, you have the freedom to focus on scaling your business while we take care of your financial backing.

Tech-Savvy Solutions

We use the latest technology to provide a seamless, scalable capital solution. You grow, we adapt—keeping you ahead in the eCommerce game.

Our core value is trust, by utilizing our experience and practicing transparency while partnering with our clients' trusted supply chain providers, we aim to add value to our clients' activities for many years to come.

the team

Empowering Growth Through

Unlimited Inventory Solutions

We've been in your shoes as eCommerce sellers, and we know the struggle of needing unlimited inventory with limited capital.

We realized that most of our capital was tied up in inventory purchases, and freeing up a significant portion of that would give sellers like you the financial freedom to enhance your business across all areas.

By providing the financial support you need, we empower you to focus on expanding your business and reaching new heights. 

Join the growing family of Amazon Sellers who are already leveraging our inventory funding solutions and experience firsthand how CapEc can boost your eCommerce business growth.

Meet The Founders

Nadav Gorlicki
Co-Founder, CEO
Nadav Gorlicki, CapEc Co-Founder and CEO, Capital Solutions for Global Ecommerce Sellers

With a wealth of experience spanning over a decade in eCommerce, he is an industry leader in supply chain optimization and digital marketplace strategies. Gain from his insights, he knows that for the maximum impact, a funding solution should not only offer capital but also serve as a seamless extension of the eCommerce seller's supply chain.

Daniel Lilienthal
Co-Founder, COO
Daniel Lilienthal, CapEc COO and Co-Founder, Financial Solutions for eCommerce Merchants

With more than 15 years
of hands-on experience in
the financial sector, Daniel
is a seasoned authority in financial solutions and services. His expertise underscores the belief that
a truly valuable financial solution should effortlessly integrate into day-to-day operations, offering simplicity and accessibility.

Questions? Call or send us a message.

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