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About CapEc

The CapEc solution was born out of the realization that eCommerce retailers were struggling to obtain the working capital necessary to scale their activity.  We base our activity on three main principles:

  1. An accessible simple solution that blends easily into the supply chain.  

  2. Creating mutual trust, by partnering with existing trusted supply chain professionals – emphasizing our "old school ideals" of real people with a real interest in maintaining our clients’ success.

  3.  Harnessing technology and experience to maintain a scalable and seamless solution that suits our tech-oriented clients – creating mutual benefits that derive from strengthening our position in international trade.


Our core value is TRUST, by utilizing our experience and practicing transparency while partnering with our clients trusted supply chain providers, we aim to add value to our clients activities for many years to come.

the team

Leading our activity


Daniel Lilienthal: Having taken an active role in the financial industry for over 15 years, Daniel is a financial solutions & services expert.  His experience has proven that to really add value, a financial solution should be embedded in operational activity in a simple and accessible way.

For any inquiries, please call or email:

(917) 900 0492   |

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