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successful Amazon seller representing the financial freedom and growth opportunities offered by CapEc

Unlock Your
Growth, Today!

Selling on Amazon, Walmart, or Shopify? We cover up to 70% of your supplier costs. Don't wait—scale your business now.

Your Success is Our Success!

CapEc funds global eCommerce seller's inventory purchases

which makes us a partner in their success. 

That's why we not only provide the capital our clients require to grow, but we also strive to optimize the supply chain and increase profits along the way. 

CapEc was built by online sellers, so we know the ins and outs on how to scale your ecommerce business with external capital.


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External Capital for Your
Inventory Purchases
in 4 Easy Steps


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Watch your

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Unlock Your eCommerce
Potential with CapEc

Navigating the world of eCommerce can be exhilarating yet fraught with challenges, especially when it comes to inventory funding. That's where CapEc steps in—your reliable funding partner designed exclusively for global eCommerce sellers on Amazon, Shopify, eBay, and Walmart Marketplace.

Hassle-Free Funding,
Powered by Your Sales

Say goodbye to tedious paperwork and credit checks. CapEc’s innovative underwriting process leverages sales data from your marketplace seller account. Within moments of approval, you'll receive transparent, custom-tailored funding options designed to align with your sales rate. Our flat fees start as low as 7%, ensuring that you always know what you're paying for.

No Strings Attached

We're not here to take a slice of your pie. With CapEc, there’s no equity dilution, no long-term contracts, and no hidden fees. Our repayment schedule syncs with your sales performance, making it easier for you to manage your cash flow. It's a partnership founded on trust and designed for your growth.

Expand Beyond Limits

Eager to launch new products or venture into new marketplaces? CapEc offers you the freedom to soar.

Free up to 70% of the capital tied in supplier invoices—be it for manufacturing, inspection, or shipping. You won't have to make repayments until your inventory lands, so you can strategically reinvest your resources for exponential growth.

Worry Less, Grow More

In a world where stockouts can kill your business overnight, CapEc ensures you're always ready to meet demand. Our Inventory Funding Solution not only meets your immediate needs but also acts as a catalyst, setting your business on a path of sustained growth. So go ahead, focus on scaling your business while we handle the financing.

Why CapEc?


What CapEc clients have to say...

 Shopify Seller with  'Success' for CapEc Testimonial

Assaf Liran

”The inventory financing process is super easy and allowed me to focus on my Amazon store. The CapEc team is incredibly insightful, friendly and helpful 

Shopify Walmart Marketplaces Testimonial Client Satisfaction Tom Shapira Just Quality Products CapEc Funding

Tom Shapira
Just Quality Products

“I wouldn’t have been able to scale my ecommerce business so quickly without their financing options. I'll working with CapEc for years to come.”

eCommerce Seller Giving a Thumbs-Up for CapEc Testimonial

Ronen Grossman

"CapEc's professional advice and financial backing enabled me to scale my eCommerce activity and increase my Amazon store's profitability."

Don’t frustrate your eCommerce customers with ‘out of stock’ messages.
Get reliable inventory capital for your eCommerce business today.
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Click the link below to submit your contact details and we will follow up quickly to discuss your business needs and how we can tailor a funding offer to fit. 

ecommerce capital funding and financing from CapEc

Grow Your eCommerce Business
with Capital from CapEc

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